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Irish Moss Blanc Mange (Pudding) | Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Irish Moss Blanc Mange (Pudding)

Kara Ibarguen
Try this smooth, creamy pudding made the traditional way. Our Irish Moss flakes lend this dessert it's thick texture and subtle briny flavor for a delicious way to end a meal or satisfy a sweet tooth any time!
Waldorf Salad with Dulse | Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Waldorf Salad with Dulse

Kara Ibarguen
Take this Fall harvest favorite to a new level with the briny, earthy addition of Dulse to the traditional Waldorf Salad dressing. Bright and crisp, it is sure to please.
Maine Seaweed Salad | Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Maine Seaweed Salad

Kara Ibarguen
Create a sushi restaurant standard in your own kitchen with Maine wild Sugar Kelp and/ or Alaria. Light and delicious, it's a perfect accompaniment to any fish, stir fry, sushi meal, or just on its own.

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Colorful Sea Vegetables for Nutritious and Healthy Eating | Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Colorful Sea Vegetables for Nutritious and Healthy Eating

Steve Eddy
How does color in seaweed translate to health and nutrition? Why do seaweeds have different colors?
Irish Moss Vs. Sea Moss Vs. Irish Sea Moss; Are They The Same Thing? | Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Irish moss vs. sea moss vs. Irish sea moss; Are they the same thing?

Steve Eddy
In this post we take a tour through the Irish moss landscape to highlight some of the important differences and similarities between the various?seaweeds called irish moss and sea moss
Is Seaweed Good for the Brain? | Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Is Seaweed Good for the Brain?

Steve Eddy

Besides being good for the body sea vegetables are also good for the brain!?